Suggestion: A Feature That Allows For Quick Copying Of Template Page Structures Without Full Template Installation


I find myself searching through templates with clients, and often times they like the landing page of one template, but the contact page of another, with the services page of yet another template.

I understand that the styling wouldn’t always come with the structure, but it would be easy enough to get it looking the way it’s supposed to.

My workaround thus far has been to have a separate installation that I just switch out templates on, and copy and paste the page structure into a blank page on the client site as a starting point for modification. It just saves me a lot of time in page layout/setup since I can pick and choose the portions I like, and then manually add in additional sections as necessary. I think that having some kind of functionality that allows for the rapid copying/pasting of template page structures without using a workaround would be a great addition to an already fantastic theme!