Structured Data Errors in schema-type WebPage


I am noticing a structured data error in schema-type WebPage which appears to be Jupiter-Generated.

(see structured data error here)

(The property “mainContentOfPage” is not recognized by Google for an object of type WebPage.)

This appears to be untrue:

The nature of the error appears to be that the property mainContentOfPage is rendering as structured data with a superfluous set of quotation marks around it. Observe the page’s container div, which renders into:

id="theme-page" class="master-holder clearfix" role=""main"" itemprop=""mainContentOfPage""

Could anyone be so kind as to point us in the direction of the source code which generates this schema type, and a hook which we might use to customize/correct it?


You can find this in global.php file on line 97 present in themes/jupiter/framework/helpers/ folder and init.php file on line 103 present in themes/jupiter/framework/plugin-integrations/woocommerce folder.

Both these files call the schema function which can be found in schema-markup.php file on line 15 present in themes/jupiter/framework/helpers/ folder.


Thank you so much for the pointer. With your help, we were able to fix the error.


Oh great, I’m glad the issue is fixed :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @erika_saracco I got the exact same problem. Could you please explain how you get rid of the superfluous set of quotation marks?
Thank you!


Is a problem with the esc_attr() function… the code doesnt escape properly… I dont know how to fix it. Maybe she can post here the solution.



You have to manually strip out the esc_attr() from the line 97 in the global.php file. ( Don’t forget the closing bracket )

If the parent theme updates, you manually have to strip it out again.

A child theme fix does not seem to be available.


I have noticed the same problem.
I’d like to know if it’s safe to remove esc_attr() in this case… is there a risk to open for some XSS issue?

Is this markup really needed or it can be simply removed?


I’m getting the same error do you know what you did to fix the error? Thanks!


For the rest of the users, please edit the global.php file present in themes/jupiter/framework/helpers/ folder and go to line 97

You will see this code:

<div id="theme-page" class="master-holder <?php echo esc_attr( $master_holder_class ); ?> clearfix" <?php echo esc_attr( $schema_markup ); ?>>

Replace it with the below code:

<div id="theme-page" class="master-holder <?php echo esc_attr( $master_holder_class ); ?> clearfix" <?php echo $schema_markup; ?>>

Invalid value in field "itemtype"

As a follow up, I also thought this Search Console validation error was rooted in the double quotation marks. For my site, removing the esc_attr does fix the issue of the double quotation marks, but Search Console still throws validation errors. It is rendering HTML that looks like the following and giving the error: Invalid value in field “itemtype”.

<div id="theme-page" class="master-holder clearfix" itemscope=&quot;itemscope&quot; itemtype=&quot;; >

It does this for a variety of schema markup outputs.

My gut instinct is that this error in Search Console is benign, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if Google was starting to use its validation tools to identify “clean code” as a ranking factor, and it’s not worth risking it. Anyone else have any advice for validating these supposed errors?

I thought maybe it was a character type issue like how sometimes the apostrophe can get messed up with the slanted looking one, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.


same here
last post is nearly two week ago.
new websites do not get crawled because of this issue

please fix this bug
as soon as possible


Yep Same issue here.

Structured data with syntax errors detected

Invalid value in field “itemtype”

div id=“theme-page” class=“master-holder clearfix” itemscope=“itemscope” itemtype=“


Thanks so much! This worked perfectly for my site.


Has or will this fix be rolled out in a theme update?


Hi. Thank you for the solution. But I had some more issues. You have to do the same in themes/jupiter/comments.php at lines 5 and 8


Hi can you share with us the fix for the comments.php files thank you


Even with this fix the issue is not solved on my search console have you some solution to provide ?


I Replace the Code in global.php but this doesn’t work for me. Anyone has another Idea?


@Patrick_Boschert Can you confirm that you have the latest version of the theme on your website? Because the fix is already released in the latest version.