Strange mk-icon-picker div in gravity forms admin


I have noticed that your theme add a strange block of content in gravity forms FORMS admin interface
This block is added by your theme inside

<div id="mk-icon-picker" class="mk-ip">

What is this? How can i remove it, and why does it appear here?


Can you share the page URL on which you have added the gravity form so that I could check it?


No because this is in the admin side of Wordpress.
I’m referring to the “Forms” section of Gravity Forms in backend. I have no issue in frontend.

Anyway the problem is “jupiter related” as this disappear when i change theme… mk-icon-picker is a code of yours.


I have fix disabling mk_import_icon_selector_view in your


But i’d like to know why this action is added only on this specific gravity forms admin-page… it sounds to me like a bug.