Sticky mobile menu / header


It would be very great for customer experience to have a sticky menu on mobile device, even a sticky header so logo and menu will continue appearing while scrolling.
Thanks a lot.


+1 that option. Sticky menu, and maybe some of the new cool stuff for mobile (such as change in color of the browser that i’ve seen on some other websites).


I allready suggested this option and many others for months, no wait, years, still waiting. And with mobile now having an uphand on search engines, this is a must.

Please Team “Jupiter”.



Thank you for your feature request. It seems to be a great feature.
We will consider it adding in the future.

Best regards,
Artbees Support


Please add the sticky header to mobile option in theme. Perhaps without substituting your page load speed. The world is mobile now:)


There are currently 22 separate topics that come up when searching for “mobile sticky”.

This request ahas been talked about and requested since 2015. A staff even said that it would be out in version 5 (they said this years ago).

Still nothing.

This question has been upvoted, requested, talked about and asked for many times.

What is the issue?

Can you please add a sticky mobile menu option?