Sticky header also in mobile view


Sticky header! Yes, please! On mobile, sites become so vertically long… Makes is so much easier for a user to lost on the page. Import a sticky header, please!


Yes, Myra - if you could mention where to add this css that would be so helpful, as well! (<= nube)


Yep, adding my +1 for the sticky header, makes long single page layouts, relying on the header for navigation, nigh on impossible to use on something as popular as a tablet without it… let alone phones…


Me too, please! ASAP.


I don’t know in how far the function has been added, but this custom css works for me for the sticky nav.
Even threw in a smooth transition;

@media (max-width: 760px){
.admin-bar .sticky-style-slide.header-style-1.a-sticky .mk-header-holder, .admin-bar .sticky-style-slide.header-style-1.a-sticky.toolbar-false .mk-header-holder, .admin-bar .sticky-style-slide.header-style-1.pre-sticky .mk-header-holder, .admin-bar .sticky-style-slide.header-style-3.a-sticky .mk-header-holder, .admin-bar .sticky-style-slide.header-style-3.a-sticky.toolbar-false .mk-header-holder, .admin-bar .sticky-style-slide.header-style-3.pre-sticky .mk-header-holder {
position: fixed !important;
top: 43px !important;
left: 0px !important;
width: 100vw!important;
transform: rotate(0deg) !important;
transition: top 1.05s ease .1s !important;
.header-style-1 .logo-has-sticky .mk-sticky-logo, .header-style-1.a-sticky .logo-has-sticky .mk-desktop-logo, .header-style-3 .logo-has-sticky .mk-sticky-logo, .header-style-3.a-sticky .logo-has-sticky .mk-desktop-logo {
transform: rotate(0deg) !important;
.mk-header {
background-color: #ffffff;
background-size: cover;
-webkit-background-size: cover;
-moz-background-size: cover;
.a-sticky .mk-header-holder {
transition: top 1.35s ease .5s;

Only thing is that, the screen “jumps” when scrolling down.


still no sticky mobil header?? i can´t believe it!


Dear Artbees Team,

I believe it is a must to have a configurable sticky mobile header in Jupiter.

Thanks a lot,


We need this as well. I hope it’s coming!


Where are you placing this custom code?? In the “Custom CSS” tab under "Theme Options>Advanced? Or are you editing the actual stylesheet?


Hi Colin,

Thanks for the css code,
as I am a complete newbie to this… may I know where you are adding this to make it work?

Ive tried the style sheet as well as the one in theme options > advanced > custom css, but nothing has changed and still no sticky header… help!



For the newbes; CSS code must be in Theme Options > Advanced > Custom CSS.
This is for me what’s working for header style 1, it works smoothly.

@media only screen and (max-width: 800px) {

.sticky-style-fixed.header-style-1 .mk-header-holder {
right: 0;
position: fixed !important;
.mk-header {
padding-top: 16%;
html #wpadminbar {
top: -100px;

1 problem tough… if I click on the navigation, the site scrolls back to home…the navigation does work good but I don’t need the home scrolling… will contact Jupiter about this


…what do we need to do to have a simple function like this…please artbees do something :frowning:


I`m also on the line. +1!


Waiting, requesting this for years on this theme.

So advanced theme, but still lagging a bit on the mobile side.

Thx Artbees 'cauose I’now youl get this done asap.



This should fix it (this one does not jump to the top of the page):

@media only screen and (max-width: 800px) {

#mk-header-1 {
position: fixed !important;
height: 90px;

#theme-page {
top: 70px;


  • 1 on this feature! so important!


Thanks this is the best solution so far. I have only one issue with that. On a site where I disabled the header I have a blank white space which is behaves like the navigation


this fix works fine if you make the sticky header the same height as the regular header and set the behavior option to fixed sticky


+1 for feature request!


I just can’t say how important this is and I’m telling to Artbees for years now, that mobile should get a lot more attention. Since it is briliant on desktop, but lagging behind on mobile compared to other top themes.

Still cudos to the team as I own several other themes, but none comes close to what we have here.