Sticky header also in mobile view


Is it possible to set the Sticky header also in the mobile view in the Jupiter theme??


For now this is not possible. We are working on this feature in version five and at some point this will happen in some of the future updates for version five.


We are now on Jupiter 5,

i just want to know this option is enabled (means that i’ve an issue…) or not (means that i’ve not issue)

Thanks a lot



One of the features that strong and mobile frendly sites have and above all it is customizable.

So please Artbees put it in your themes (at least Jupiter :wink: )


Thank you for your feature request,

Our developers will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests and/or they see it fit.


I also think it would be a great option. Could be a problem with older phones but a choice on or off would be great.


Thank you for following up.


Hi, I would also like a sticky header in mobile menu.
I managed now with css, so for those who need it add this css (in a media query for small screens):

#mk-header-1.a-sticky {
position: fixed !important;


First of all thank you for the css code and I might point out “mk-header-1” is an id so we need to place # before it.

You helped me figure out what was happening with header on mobiles.
When responsive header activates (default on width: 1024px) the class a.sticky gets added to header, changing position property to relative.

This generates an issue where if you use a full screen section, as the header is relative, the section will be higher than 100% of the screen.
And also, if you use a resizing header, scrolling down will make header resize, then the full screen section will change its height again, making another resizing weird feeling.

I added some css but still didn’t manage to make it look smooth, I hope they fix these things soon.


Keeping an eye on this one as I would love to add a sticky header to my mobile site. Cmon Artbees let’s get with the times!


Is there a reason the sticky header isn’t available? Seems like it should be consistent with the desktop.



I’m having this problem too and want to try this fix, but am a total amateur and don’t know the first thing about adding css. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Where do I add the css code? Thanks!


Add me to the list of users who would love to see this implemented.

Mobile Menu not there

Another +1 for this option. More mobile options, like for example the checkered design on desktop would look weird on mobile :wink:


Throwing my +1 for this feature as well!


Yes please…this has become a must when browsing in a mobile!! :slight_smile:


Hello there, I have the same problem too. Did you have any luck?


Yesssss please can we have this. I was surprised it wasn’t an option…


How many replies do you need before you include sticky on mobile? I’d like it as well???

Art Bees? More like Art Snails with this one :sunglasses:


Yes pleaseeee! We waited for this too long!