Stick template without full width



I’m trying to stick the template on a page but by setting the page to full width it affects all of the page content and background images, which I wish to remain boxed.

How can I stick template without affecting the rest of the page layout?



Could you please explain what exactly are you trying? If I get it right, you are sticking the template so that there is no empty space between the header and the top of the main content? Is that what you are trying or is it something else?

Could you please share the site URL also?


Here’s an example.

(user: flywheel pass: thoughtful-spiders)

Basically the second element with the background image shouldn’t stretch the length of the section. It’s set to boxed content


Unfortunately, I cannot see any element with a background image on the page you have shared.
The second element has a gray background color and looks find in the container.


That’s weird. I’ve not changed anything, but this is how it displays in Elementor

I’ve changed the image so now you can see the issue on the front end.

The image should be displaying like this:


Okay, the image is showing now but somehow i’m still confused as to how you want it to show :thinking:

Do you want it boxed as the first blue section which contains the form?