Spotlight Style for JupiterX


Elementor have different setup for post and portfolio. There is also one post widget in Raven.
But none of these template allows to display posts with the very useful Spotlight Style we had in Jupieter6

This spotlight style was really useful as it displays infos (title and call to action) on the cover and not just on rollover.
Do you plan to add it (to the raven widget maybe) so we may get this style back?


Spotlight style exist in Jupiter X but not under the same name. In the Raven post element there is an option called “inner content”. Choose it and you can achieve the same thing with a lot more custom options.

Here is a demo:


Thanks @Rouz !
You right, we may get the same result as with Spotlight for post and portfolio! Thanks again

@artbees If one day you may extend the post raven widget by adding Pages as source (Post type) this would be perfect!! (the the elementor widget includes Pages but doesn’t allow inner content).