Speed boost - disable unused shortcodes -> don't load any css/js you don't need


Hello everybody,

I am doing a lot of page speed optimizing and the worst thing about jupiter is that it loads every css and js of every shortcode inside.

create an option so we can enable/disable every shortcode inside of jupiter theme.
Then only load the enabeled shortcodes css/js files and not ALL at once (like it is at the moment).

The massive plugin for VC does a very good job. There you can see how it could be done.

The result is a very lightweigt css and js file to load.

Another suggestion that goes the opposite way:

split the css and js of every shortcode into seperate files (each shortcode has its own css and js file) and only load the files of the shortcodes that will be used.

Gives a boost for sites using http/2 (number of requests don’t matter anymore) and caching plugins can still merge the files together if you are not on http/2

Best Regards,


i agree! i like the idea of markus


Absolutely agree 100%. I am surprised this isn’t a top priority already. At the moment there are far too many assets being loaded when they might not even be required. Just add more options to the current speed/ optimisation section. Whatever happened to the beta Google page load option that used to be there too?


I forgot to mention that it gives you an additional boost in googles new mobile first index if the loading of the page is very fast.

Please give this feature your vote! Many thanks…


I agree with your posts


I have found this to be a common problem with the Jupiter theme when building websites.

“W3 Total Cache” with the right settings can make a huge impact on this. Other than that, you may need pay for some premium plugins in order to get your site loading quicker until this is resolved by Artbees though.

Hopefully, this request gets more votes.


I have used several combinations of caching plugins already but my suggestion is reducing unused css/js to get smaller css and js files.
No matter which chaching plugin you use: the bloated css and js of jupiter is still there.


+1 for me - I would love to see optimization like this on my sites!