Sortable portfolio with animation


Can you please re-introduce the animation when sorting portfolio? Like Jupier V4.
Thanks :wink:


+1 and some more text to make forum framework happy.


+2 with added blah blah


Yes please, some nice animations would be great! And don’t forget to add a filter to Portfolio Archive or get rid of them!


It was the reason why I am using Jupiter.


jumping in on the request wagon - please bring back the portfolio animation from the previous versions of the theme!


Agreed! It used to be so good. Completely removing a feature just because it slows your performance isn’t a solution… you should replace it with something that works better.


+1 my client just specifically asked for this feature.


Still this feature does not exist in Jupiter 6. Too bad.


Totally agree! Please bring back the sorting portfolio animation!


Yes! Please bring back animation when sorting portfolio.