Social Network - Add TripAdvisor



Hi, please add TripAdvisor as an option to the list of available social network sites.



I’m just wondering if you somehow managed to add TripAdvisor link? I still think that custom social icons would be the best solution as the current social icons for some social networks are outdated anyway.


Thank you for the feature request. We will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests or if our developers see it fit.



Danish, thanks for responding. I think with the fact that TripAdvisor is a major entity on the Web it shouldn’t be excluded. Or as Raitis stated, allow the icons to be customised instead of fixed options which Artbees chooses.



Well, I agree with the TripAdvisor being a major entity. The truth is that we have a huge list of requests which we are taking into consideration based on priority.

If it’s too important for you right now, you can try to custom code it into the core files.