Smarter Anchor Scrolling



Right now the scroll to anchor function is less than ideal in any scenario other than a One Page site. If you have multiple pages, you need to identify the anchor location as /pageA#anchorName – which works fine if the user isn’t on pageA when they click it; but if they’re on pageA and they click it, it scrolls to the anchor, then reloads the page, then jumps, then scrolls again. It’s a really awful user experience.

The current workaround is to build an exact clone of the menu, set that menu location only to pageA, and change the format to just #anchorName. But it’s a rather silly duplication of work – having to do any changes to menus to two menus (or three, or four, or five). And it’s a really bad experience for clients. And it becomes even more tedious if you’re using a custom header.

It would be very useful to have smarter code for this, or a more dynamic system on menu generation, so that anchors can function the way they are intended to, without duplication of work.


Thank you for the improvement request.

Our dev team will consider adding it if the request is suitable or gets many votes.

Thank you.


Yes, this needs to be updated. And the css id (anchor) goes inside header.