Single Blog Post Template (Not in Elementor Templates)


Hi Artbees,

Firstly, I must say. Jupiter X is one the best themes I have worked with in my 13 years of using WordPress

However, I am having a big problem with styling of the blog like you have it in this example below from your demo site.

Having customised the blog settings in the Jupiter X options under Customise > Blog

Here are the issues:

  • Author box doesn’t appear
  • Social media share buttons don’t appear.

I have built a template for a single post in Elementor. Is this overriding these settings?

Secondly, you clearly mentioned on this page in your marketing copy Readymade Blog Single Templates.

However, I cannot find those single blog post templates either as a Block or Page template in Elementor.

Why aren’t these available? Also, as a point for future updates. Shouldn’t the key templates and features from the demo site be available in Elementor as either a block or page template.

I noticed there are some…but not of all them.

If they are suppose to be there, please could you send me the Elementor templates for the blog styles and instruct me how to style the blog exactly like these two pages below.

Single post -
Blog Main -

It isn’t clear in your knowledge base or instructions how to re-create this.

Thank you.


Due to your slow support and lack of communication I am no longer using your themes.


I have the same problem.

I created a single post template using Elementor. But I noticed that it’s not properly showing/rendering the post page (it’s on boxed layout) instead of full width layout.


How to add custom single blog page template ?