Sidebar disappear with theme update


Since running the theme update, one of my website sidebars has disappeared here:

Is there something in the update that would have caused a sidebar to disappear?


I inspected the page you shared and I see that the sidebar is added to the page but the sidebar is empty that is why nothing is visible.

Please check Appearance -> Widgets and see if the sidebar has any widgets or not.

The widgets might possibly be in the Inactive section at the bottom of the Appearance -> Widgets page. You simply have to drag them back to the appropriate sidebar.



Hi Danish, thanks, all the sidebars look like they got cleared out for us with the update except for Page Widget Area. I can put those back in though no problem. Not sure why I didn’t check there initially. Anyway, thanks for pointing in the right direction!


I glad you were able to solve it.

This was actually an issue with the WordPress itself in which the widgets move to inactive section on changing themes. The issue has been fixed in the latest WP version.