Separate title and breadcrumb



Being able to adjust/toggle page title (H1) and breadcrumbs separately under “Manage Page Elements”.
Currently they are both controlled as one element “Page Title”

and maybe…
A switch to hide breadcrumbs but still use them - for Google (structured data).
It can easily be done using CSS, so definitely not really a big problem.

Because I often don’t use the native page titles, but I love breadcrumbs so dearly.
I have and use a work around, but having it natively in the theme would be great.

/Thanks for a great product.
/Kind regards

Breadcrumb Disappears

Thank you for your Feature Request. We will inform our development team regarding this. Other customers if you agree with this please second with orangeorange idea so we get a grasp of the requests count.

Thank you.


I second and third this idea!!!

I just spent 3 hours trying to figure out why I can’t see the breadcrumb when I have it enabled everywhere. And then I finally went to Theme Options > Styling > Page Title and there it was, just sitting there.

Can’t we have the option to place the breadcrumb in the Header? Or anywhere else for that matter?


Plus 1 for this. Orangeorange, can you tell us what/how workaround you use?


+1 here too. Specially for landings having it separated would be cool


Sorry for the late reply.

For a while I just used “display:none;” to hide the “Page Title” (H1 and breadcrumbs) - you will still get the hierarchy on Google even though it’s hidden.
Though there is a big flaw with this; you are either hiding your H1 or you manually add another H1 and thereby are having two H1s (neither is optimal). But I decided to manually add another H1 tag, as hiding your only H1 seemed like a worse choice to me.

However, I recently completely disabled the breadcrumb function in Jupiter, as the above solution is not great and the theme doesn’t provide any possibility for a solution. So I simply added breadcrumbs “manually” (header.php) and then hid it. So Google should be happy with just one visible H1 and breadcrumbs.

I hope this answers your question.


i second this as well.


i second this as well


I second this request also. I never use the native page title, preferring to have more control over where it is positioned and its size, depending on the layout of my page. I love this theme and would really like to see the two separated in a future update.
Thanks in advance!


Please give us options to manage this elements. You need to improve this.


Yes, please fix this, I have almost designed our whole new site and realized the page title is the h1. We need more control. I’ll probably have to bag it and go custom now. Very discouraging.


Page element or shortcode wold be good. Just had a client want breadcrumbs but no page title on some pages of their design.


Also +1 for this feature

It would be great to get breadcrumbs features separately. And it could be great as well to be able to customize the title in the breadcrumb, because using the main page title get very long sections. The idea is it to use them in order to reduce the lenght size in Google.