SEO effects to No Index "Portfolio-Post"


Hello Dear Community,

I’m running a photography website and have a question about the indexability of “No indexed Content” inserted on indexable pages.

Background : I read everywhere that best practice is to “no index” all useless pages with few content, what I did with Yoast plugin : I no indexed all my nextgen galleries and “ngg_tags” since they create single pages for every photo, tags or slideshow. I did the same for all my porfolio-posts, price lists, testimonials and so on… Nevertheless, I inserted these galleries and portfolios on SEO optimized page for my target keywords. + Nextgen plugin automatically adds these images in the page sitemap. My idea is to have only my Seo optimized page showing in Google and not the other.

Problem : I’ve been checking the results in Google Search Console, filtering by images : I discovered that most of the images featured in these Masonry galleries are not showing in google, and actually almost all the images indexed are the Wordpress from media gallery. I double checked with Screaming Frog, and the software doesn"t see images on these pages.

My question is: Is the low indexablilty of these contents are related to the No indexation of the original contents ??? Does somebody has experienced the same issue that these contents doesn’t show on Google ?

in advance many thanks for your help