Safely updating website from Jupiter 6.0.2 to Jupiter X



I’m looking to update from Jupiter 6.0.2 to Jupiter X.

This theme was purchased for the website:

This is the main website builder plugin that came with the theme “WPBakery Page Builder (Modified Version)”, the current version installed is, and the available update is 5.6.

I haven’t updated an older Jupiter version to version X yet and would like some direction on going about this.

The website builder is highly used with pages and posts.

For privacy reasons, I wouldn’t be able to supply a website URL.



The migration needs to be done manually as Jupiter X is not compatible with the previous versions yet. If you decide to upgrade to Jupiter X, you will have to manually re-create your site in Jupiter X + Elementor because WPBakery shortcodes present in Jupiter 6 are not present in Jupiter X yet. They will be available in the future.

I suggest you setup a new installation including a new database and then install Jupiter X and re-create your site.

​Or you can wait until we release the missing WPBakery shortcodes and then migrate to Jupiter X.

That said, Jupiter 6 will be maintained, supported and updated separately & indefinitely


Hi Danish,

Thanks for the quick response, is this something that’s going to be released relatively shortly or is it being done in say a years time?


Well, we are trying to release it shortly but unfortunately, there is no ETA. It may take a lot of time too, I am not totally sure of the release.