Ruminus Header disappeared?


Hello everybody,

just starting with Jupiter X and Elementor. I installed the Ruminus template and am trying to personalize it. Everything great so far, but all of a sudden the header disappeared, I mean one of them.

As far as I understand there are like 3 headers, or how you wanna call them. The “burger menu” which shows up on small devices, than there is the “sticky header” which shows up when you scroll down on desktop and then there is the header which is similiar to the sticky header which shows up on top of the page when you load it, over the video. Well that one isn’t there anymore and I don’t know where to find it? (How to enable it)
Also I would like to edit some paddigns & margins for this header, where do I find it’s settings?

And as I’m already asking:
In the “burger menu” when you click on the icon the menu list opens. But it opens like in the middle of the header (horizontally) and I would like it to open where the header starts, so around 40-50px down, where can I change such settings? I found some settings for the menu entries, but I have no preview for editing them. Is there a way to see/preview the burger menu opened in Elementor?

Link to page in progress:

Thank you and kind regards!