Ridiculous theme behavior



Very annoyed and I hope someone can help me.

I have The Ken installed and worked off the default template.
Got a nice site (one-pager), but it started looking off about a week ago.

Suddenly the slides did not completely fill the screen, so I could see the last slide peeping through on top (and on the first page the default background would be visible on top. Also the font is not what it should be.

Since I hadn’t updated in a while, I maybe thought that would be it.

So I backed up the site and the database (which was a project in itself), updated The Ken and updated Visual Composer (which had annoyingly been screaming about an update to 5.1 for months (had 5.0 installed, but when I deleted it, it would only see 5.0 as the new one). Now, after updating The Ken, it will only let me update to 5.1, while it keeps saying 5.2 is available. Maddening in its own right.

But now. after all the updating stuff, it still looks strange. After clearing the theme cache it looks good

but the next time it is broken again. Clearing Chrome cache makes not a lick of difference.

So in order to have the site look correct to me, I have to clear the cache every time. but other ppl cannot do that, so they will see a f***ed up site regardless, which negates the point of having the site.

When I tried to open my site on my laptop, the problem is even worse: not only does it not fill out correctly and have the wrong font - it does not show two slides with video background (just the default background), while they are there, since I can see them load on my desktop computer. After clearing the cache the font is correct, but the vid is still a no-show

Frankly, this is ridiculous theme behavior, and not what I payed for. I have put a looooooot of effort in getting my site just right, and this is idiotic.

Anyone having the same problems or had them in the past. If not, any ideas?

Thank you.

This is my site: www.robertkamer.nl



I have the same behavior!
Mostly Safari on iMac or on Ipad or Iphone has this problem. Firefox , Chrome and Opera not.

After clearing the theme cache I refresh the homepage at IPAD/IPHONE and the page looks good.
After refreshing the browser a second time then the Menü, the Fonts and the footer are broken (CSS seems not be loaded correctly). Again one theme cache clearing in the wp backoffice and the next first refresh looks good again, but the second is again broken.

I have disabled all caching CSS minifying or so. But the error still exists.

On which Hoster / server OS / php Version is your website running?
Our Website is running on A2 Hosting with Apache/2.4.27 (cPanel) OpenSSL/1.0.2k mod_bwlimited/1.4 and I tried from php 5.5, 5.6 7.0 and 7.1


Same Problem here…
Did anyone find a solution?