Responsive Sub Menu - Clicking anywhere but arrow closes menu


The responsive submenu drop down will be closed if you click on anywhere but the little arrow icon. This is making responsive sub menus a serious usability issue. Please improve this where it will expand the submenu upon clicking anywhere on the bar.


Agreed! Major usability issue. Found somewhat of a fix here. However, the down arrow now sits in the middle of the menu. Continuing to work on CSS.

Jupiter: Theme Options > Advanced > Custom CSS:

body .mk-responsive-nav .mk-nav-arrow {
width: 100%;
body .mk-responsive-wrap .mk-moon-arrow-down::before {
position: absolute;
right: 25px;


Hi, @Connor_Steed @Casey_Ferguson

The following code would work properly.

body .mk-responsive-nav .mk-nav-arrow {
width: 100%;
text-align: right;
padding-right: 20px;

Looking forward to your feedback.

Best regards,
Artbees Support


Hey Pankaj,

Just wanted to reach out and let you know this solution works great. Is there a way to apply this to only one menu item with extra class css? When I try to add an extra class (.services-tab) before the “body .mk-responsive-nav” code, nothing happens.

Hope this message gets to you!