Responsive menus not working



A couple of things that aren’t working or are simply missing in the header builder are:

The menu in tablet view doesn’t load correctly. For some reason it doesn’t show the same version of the menu as the rest of the site. I have tried emptying the cache, hard loading and have tried both on my computer and on my ipad and the problem persists. Really strange.

Sticky menu in tablet view is “empty” like it is displayed behind the rest of the page.

Mobile menu doesn’t have the setting to divide the menu row in columns. The logo and the menu end up on top of eachother. Is this something that has been overlooked or is it just not implemented yet?

In mobile view the sticky header also acts the same as tablet view.

Both the mobile and tablet view has a search bar in the bottom even though the main navigation doesn’t.

There also seems to be some kind of glitch with the main navigation threshhold. No matter what settings I use the menu stays in desktop mode until it goes below 1024px i width. This results in that two of the menu options move to a second line. Not very pretty :wink:



Firstly, thank you for taking time to test the Header Builder - Beta version and pointing out the issues that you are facing.

I would like to ask you to create screenshots of the issues and send us so that we would exactly understand what you are talking about. You can even try a video if not screenshots.

Waiting for your reply.

Thank you again for helping us to make Jupiter better. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi again,

I have recorded som video displaying my issues. Also. I did some further testing.
Menu issues video

The issue with the menu in mobile and tablet view seems to have nothing to do with loading the “wrong” version of the menu. Rather it seems like the top options in the menu are simply hidden. Both in mobile and tablet view the option for HEM (home) disappears. But then in the tablet view. The second option which is BOKA (book) also disappears. You can see this in the video, but I thought I would share my findings with you.



Thank you for the video. It helped a lot to understand.

Below are the issues which I am able to replicate on my side:

  1. Clicking burger menu in the sticky header shows nothing for Tab and Mobile.

  2. The search field is visible at the bottom of the menu regardless of whether the search element has been added to the header or not.

I have created a bug report for the above issues and it would be fixed in the future updates.

The point which is not an issue:

  1. Different menus for tab and rest of the site. I checked this but I see that all the screens show the same menu if chosen in the properties. Please check your settings again for all the screen sizes and see if you are using a different menu for the tab in Menu option under Properties of the navigation element.

Regarding the desktop view upto 1024px, this has been done on purpose.
I have actually created a report for this and added this as a feature request for future updates.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:



Thanks for responding and for adding some of the issues to the further development of the header builder.

When it comes to the “different menu” issue. Like I wrote in my last response, it’s not an issue of DIFFERENT menus but rather the fact that parts of the menu are hidden. I have recorded a new video where you can see in the inspector that the menu options are hidden behind the menu “header”.
Menu problems 2

Also, what about the issue of the mobile menu not having the option to divide the header in sections. It looks really weird when the logo and burger icon are below each other (even if I have aligned them to be on different sides of the menu).



I just realized there is another strange thing that I can’t work out. In desktop mode when I navigate in the drop down menu. The active page text is white although the color settings are #353535 for text and #800006 for hover. Normally, it would use the same color as hover. Wouldn’t it? I’m enclosing a screenshot of the issue.



  1. I saw the video and the issue also. I have reported this to the dev team.

  2. Regarding the menu burger icon. The mobile screen is meant to show each section as a full with, that is the reason the menu burger icon moves below the logo.

Well, technically a user can add the menu element anywhere in the header, so we cannot assume the menu will be just after the logo. This means that we cannot style the menu burger icon to be always aside the logo.

In case, you are using a menu just after the logo, the workaround is to add some simple CSS code to place it just aside the logo. That is the best possible thing which can be done regarding this issue.



For the sub-menu issue, the color of the active menu item changes to white automatically.

Please click on the navigation menu, then in the right sidebar go to Style - Sub Menu section and in the Hover settings, you will see a Background Color option. Click on the background color option and you will see that the A (Alpha) is set to 0. Change the Alpha to 100 and choose a dark background color and the active menu item will be visible.



I looked in the settings that you suggested. I changed it and all that it did was give med a dark background when I hover. It did nothing for the active menu item. It’s still white.

Why does it change to white automatically? Would be better if I could set that aswell as hover color.


Regarding the mobile menu issue. When I look at the present settings of mobil menu in jupiter (i have it installed on multiple sites as I’m sure you’re aware) the menu is on the left and the burger icon on the right in mobile.

Is that a conscious decission to change that? I don’t get it?

  1. Could you please email me the WP Login details of your site so that I can have a look at your settings.

Email me at

  1. Well, on the mobile the menu is supposed to be left aligned and the burger icon is placed on the right. This is how the burger menu is designed. What exactly do you want to achieve?


That’s exactly what I mean. But that’s not happening with the new header builder. They are on top of eachother… I’m enclosing a picture to describe what I mean.