Responsive Images - Background layer (bug maybe)


Hey guys,

I have just noticed this… I am using the latest version, but it’s probably been the case forever. Ticking responsive images in theme options, is probably good practice for most websites, but I have just noticed that it also effects backgrounds. Once it goes into mobile mode, it selects a smaller background image which of course is then stretched out and looks pixelated.

I guess this occurs only when “cover” whole background is selected also in the page section.

Not sure if this is a bug… or even fixable. I would say that it could probably be a good idea for you to make it that background images arent effected by the responsive image option?

But for now, my fix was just to turn off responsive images.



Any update on this? Is it a known bug…


I’ve already asked about this. In order to keep the full large image as background you need to turn off “responsive images”. That is not the answer i wanted to hear either but thats what they said.

They said to “You should make use of Background Image (Portrait) option in Page Section setings.” but this was not a 100% fix.

There’s gotta be a way to disable for Background images all together, maybe even assign a css class and override their code that way.