Removing the border from Photographer theme



I have been searching around for how to get rid of the 20px white border around the whole page so that my Edge slider goes all the way to the edges. I have found where the css is located using the inspector but don’t want to hack the css. It is in the styles.min-blessed1.css:1 .add-corner-margin: 20px;

Should I edit this file or can someone tell me how I should go about making that margin 0px in a child theme?

I have never worked with a child theme before, much to my regret!




Hmm… Those child themes are pretty cool things! I managed to remove the border on the sides but the top is particularly tricky… Anyone have a hint as to where to start on that?


Please kindly open up a support ticket and give us the exact URL of the age and screenshot of the place you want the change and we will help you with correct code:

Thank you.


Okay, I will get that started. However, this is a site on a local server for right now so it isn’t accessible over the net. Hmm… work around?


Unfortunately there is no workaround for this as we need to see your set up and access your admin. Please kindly open up the ticket when you manage to upload your site to a staging server.