Raven Form reply-to field



I want the ‘reply-to’ field in the Raven form to be able to use the senders e-mail. Just like contact form 7 can etc. Does anyone know how? I’ve tried the field id, email etc.



Unfortunately, this feature is not available at the moment but the team is working on it and it will be available in the future updates.


Any update on this feature? It’s a basic feature that is causing me a world of grief.

My users keep replying to themselves, they dont see why they need to copy and paste the email from the form before replying to reach contact request!

They really shouldnt have to, its a basic form feature thats been around in every form for years!



I need the same function. It would be great if you can update it. Thanks.


As of now there is no update but it will be done soon.


I am having the same issue - been searching forums for a resolution and months later there is still no fix for this. This is a major issue with the Raven Form. Any updates would be appreciated.


Would love have this fixed as well. Only other option is to change the form app.


I think this would be very important. It´s just so basic that i feel it´s a must have