Raven form email


Hi, I cannot figure out how I can send email via the raven form element.
I read the documentation and searched in the community.

I filled out the necessary fields (s. screenshot)
But of course I want that the fields From Email, From Name, Reply-To
are all get the values from the user who sends the form.

What I have to do.

Thank you.
Cheers from Berlin


There’s no screenshot in your message.


Sorry for that. Here you are


Unfortunately, those fields won’t fill automatically as there is no option for that.

Moreover, FROM field should always be set to the email that is domain specific otherwise the email will end up in spam folder thus blacklisting the whole domain for emails.


This is a big problem for a “leading” theme like Jupiter X.

Are we expected to download another plugin form to fix this issue when we have just purchased a leading WP theme?

Honestly its something that is a must in any form… we cant expect the website administrator to reply and then type or copy the email address into the “to” field each time they reply to an email.

Is it something that’s getting fixed / added or simply ignored? Just purchased another license for another website I’m building but a bit weary of the shortcomings at the moment.


Tagging along as this is a pretty important issue for me as well. We need to be able to enter email address which receives messages entered via contact form.


I recommend you to connect it to your MailChimp account and send the email to the sender from MailChimp. You can also connect it to Zapier and do whatever you want as soon as 1.4 releases.


Sorry but this solution is simply not good enough, Jupiter X is coming up with more and more shortcomings and is getting hard to recommend.

Such as shame as the original Jupiter was much more complete.

This is a simple form element that should be included in the form. Simply allow setting the replyto field as the email entered by the person filling the form out. From email can still be the domain.
This has been around for over 15 years… honestly you might as well say you do NOT include a contact form as part of the theme as the current one is unusable.


I just raised a feature request for this. Hopefully it will be added to the the theme soon. I will update you about this feature request whenever we got any news. Thanks for reporting.


Any news on this? Can you get an ETA?


Also having this issue - Any updates on this? This is a nightmare for such a simple thing and other forms plugins are not aesthetically pleasing.


It is not yet proceeded due to other task priorities, but it will be proceeded soon. I will update you guys soon about it.

Contact Form Issue

I agree! Please update this asap! I have bought 6 licenses and I really need to configure the forms.

Thanks and best regards


This contact form is useless without these basic requirements, I was not aware of this and have now wasted time trying to problem solve why my contact forms not working as expected.

The below is something I have redesigned from part of a Jupiter X own template for a quick “Call Back” feature that should email the name and telephone number to my client so he can call them back.

On the contact page, I also have a standard, name, email, phone, message layout that as mentioned in this topic will not work unless I manually input a reply too and reply name?

shouldn’t it be something like <FromName>, <FromEmail> shortcode


I used Ninja Forms with custom layout and styles add-on and it works very well as expected.
It has lots of easy to use features and includes a tons of dynamic shortcodes that can be used.

For anyone else having issues with this, I would run with Ninja Forms.

Sample Below -


Any news on this Jupitex X team?


$30 per site?? no thanks


SOLVED! Caldera form is the way to go!!! :heart::heart::heart:


The Core features are free to use, only the layout & styles is additonal add-on.

il definitely check out Caldera, so thanks for the tip. As long as it includes dynamic peronal field shortcodes for client capture and personalization similar to what i can do in NinjaForms or im sure other similar forms.

At least you and I both provided two solutions for users, as there is still no offical word back from Jupiter X team on why the form they provided is so broken and unusable for such basic functionality, and when they plan to provide a working solution.