Raven breaking Elementor


So after building a simple marketing site (one page) last week, I went back to edit it yesterday and Elementor was no longer working properly.

I can edit the header with Elementor no problem. However when I try to edit the page itself, the Elementor editor doesn’t load. It does tell me to try safe mode, at which point it says that theme files are missing (I’m on Jupiter X 1.6, and had no issues last week).

Oddly enough, if I disable the Raven plugin, I’m no longer able to edit the header with Elementor, but I CAN edit the main page… though without all kinds of Raven elements that I’d used to build the page.

So it seems like Raven is the problem. Or could it be something else?


Raven is also causing my editor to not load.


See if clearing the browser cache or better yet, using different browser helps. That solved the issue for me, however, I’m still not sure why this is happening. If this doesn’t help check out this article


Tried it in another browser, still no success. I’ve also increased my memory limit to 256M, no luck there.


Same problem here, related to Raven.

The Elementor side widget will not load, just has a spinning hour glass.

Disabling Raven fixes the issue.

Please update ASAP… need raven and need Elementor to work!


Have you tried the solution described here at the bottom of the page?

Jet Plugins

The only known issue with the Jet Plugins is that the as soon as Jet Elements, Jet Tricks and other Jet plugins are active alongside with Raven and Elementor, it doesn’t stop the spinner on the Elementor editor loading. So it won’t be usable if you face this issue. To fix this problem, simply add this to your .htaccess file or ask your web host support to do it for you:

Also, Make sure you already have proper server resources as mentioned in this article.

<IfModule mod_substitute.c>
SubstituteMaxLineLength 20M


This issue has been fixed in the chat support.

For the rest, this was happening because in the menu item, he had added a hash URL “#2018”. The issue is somehow happening because of the number being used. Changing it to some string like “twentyeighteen” fixed the issue.


Could you please explain more about the issue?


I think it is because of the low memory issue.

Could you please go to Jupiter X -> Control Panel -> System Status and tell me the values for WP Memory Limit and PHP Memory Limit?


The Elementor editor is unusable, it constantly shows a spinning wheel and will not load. I debugged and found it did not work until I disabled the Raven plugin


I also checked my memory, here are the values:

WP Memory Limit: 40 MB
PHP Memory Limit: 128 MB


Same problem with the Elementor editor not loading (spinning wheel) when Raven is activated. Any resolution on this yet?