Raven Blog Pagination


I’d like to add pagination to a blog page, one of the 3 styles shown on this Jupiter X demo page: https://jupiterx.artbees.net/blog/blog-list-pagination/

However, I don’t see any pagination elements under RAVEN ELEMENTS (after inspecting the element on the Jupiter X demo page I could see each of the pagination elements were Raven elements).

Here’s a screenshot that shows all of the available Raven elements:

Do I need to do something to make sure these elements are available?


Posts widget has options for pagination inside.


You have to add the POSTS widget that comes with the pagination option.


Yes, I’ve found it now. Somehow I overlooked the option! Thanks for your help.


Yes, I did that already but it seems I overlooked the pagination option in the POSTS widget. Thanks for your help.


You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face: