Proper SVG support that doesn't require coding



While I can see that the theme allows you to upload SVG’s, the usefulness in doing so stops there.
Why not incorporate robust SVG support, in terms of allowing users to add their own sets via the existing icon choices menu (several choices, but no option to add your own)? So they can be used everywhere within any of the elements you’ve created that can utilise icons.
You could try integrating/supporting a process that uses the WP SVG Icons plugin & IcoMoon perhaps?


We have already decided to add support for custom icons and hopefully, SVG custom icons will also be a part of it.

The custom icons support will be available in the near future.



Great news. Do you have an ETA for when this will be implemented please?
Also, will this new feature be usable in all containers/widgets where you have the option to utilise icons?


Unfortunately, it’s not on the cards yet.
So, I don’t really see it happening anytime soon.