Probléme Iframe HTML Safari & chrome mobile


Hello team,
I hope you are well? I tell you my problem on jupiter, I have 2 site on the templates jupiter, the problem is that one of them does not support at all the iframe on Safari and mobile chrome.
The behavior is different depending on the place.
I set the iframe up the behavior is quite normal but as i move the iframe the behavior is different.
On mobile impossible to select, click and autocompletion is not smooth.
The iframe is tested on other site it works properly.
There is a problem of envyment but I am lost.
Have you had this problem and have a solution to bring me.

I thank you for your return.


There seems to be a styling problem with the iFrame that is why only half of it shows on the mobile.

The other site you are talking about, do you use the same iFrame on that site?

Also, do you have any access to the iFrame source so that you can add some CSS style to it?