Problem with showing "Photo albums"



I’ve just simply created an album with Photo Albums feature, but nothing is showing in the published page except the featured image. I’ve updated the theme to the latest version (5.0.7) via Envato toolkit and everything seems fine but this one!

Any ideas are appreciated!



For me the Photo Album works great, did you add the photo album to the page and cleaned the cache?


Hey i21,

Thanks for quick reply… Yes I did it… here is the page:
I put the element and added my album in “Select specific Posts” but nothing to show!


For such cases please kindly contact our support system by adding new ticket. Our support staff will be happy to help you out there:


Hi Nikolay,

I’ve already created a ticket but no reply yet :expressionless:
Here is the ticket number#: #26880



Was this resolved? Im experiencing the same issue and haven’t herd back yet on the support ticket.