Problem with "Image Gallery"


Hello everybody and sorry for my english, i’m french :grinning:

I created a photo gallery with image gallery (private page) and grid style. The locations of the photos appear but not the images. If I click, the pictures will also appear. Thank you for your answer and your help



Please try to set Image Size setting to “Original Size” in the Image Gallery shortcode settings.

Thank you.
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it does not work. I tried riginal, large and medium size … Again thanks


Not idea for my question ?



We need to check your site settings.
Please create a ticket and provide FTP/WP Dashboard credentials for investigation.

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Hello to all,
I have the same problem does not cut out the images.
In this example I put 400x400.

Instead if I insert Custom 500x500 as per standard it works.
Did you understand what the problem was?