Problem with advanced map


I can’t get advanced maps to work. It says “Coordinates of this location not found” and it doesnt matter if I write coordinates or a name of a place. Have checked the api key and billing and thats seems to be fine. Anyone else have this problem?


I had the same issue. I did not find a work around. I ended up using the other maps widget.


Did anyone find a solution to the advanced map issue. Map just doesn’t show up for me. No error or any other feedback from Jet Elements. API is working fine on Jupiter 6 website.


The latest update fixed the problem for me


Awesome, thank you. My problem is somewhere else than.


Did you check the browser console for any error?


I’m probably checking the browser console the wrong way since I’m not sure how to even do it but the only thing see in there is:

The source list for Content Security Policy directive ‘script-src’ contains an invalid source: ‘‘strict-dynamic’’. It will be ignored.

There’s about 15-20 messages like the one above.


well, I guess the issue is something else then because the console message seems not related to the maps.

Have you added the correct API key for the Google maps?


API seems to be working fine on Jupiter 6 and with non advanced map element.


I’m having the same issue with Advanced Map :disappointed:

No matter what location I enter, the map just shows “Coordinates of this location not found”

I even tried using actual coordinates.

UPDATE: Looks like we need to enable “Geocoding API”


Did you also check this article?