Post Tags


On my posts, tags related to the page are displayed by default at the bottom of the page.

<div class="jupiter-post-tags"><div class="jupiter-post-tags-row"><a class="btn btn-light" href="" rel="tag">tag description</a>

I can’t find the option to stop displaying them.
Or better an to change their position. The best would be a widget so we may position related tags where we want.



Please go to Jupiter X -> Customize -> Blog -> Blog Single and in the Settings uncheck the Tags option to remove the tags from the blog post.


Thanks @Danish_Iqbal
Actually i use tags on page (added thru a plugin). Ang tags are displayed on pages even if uncheck in the customizer.
I therefore had to comment all lines Echo post meta tags (477-505) in the lib>templates>fragments>post.php document.

I don’t know if you may assure that tags aren’t displayed anywhere when uncheck in a future release.


Well, I myself checked it on my site and tags vanished as soon as I checked the Tags option in the customizer.


Thanks @Danish_Iqbal
Tags vanished from the post template. For an unknown reason, they weren’t from the page template. I found a solution.

Concerning the tags, do you know if you plan to add a tags cloud widget in the future (a raven widget may be). There is nothing on elementor.


It seems like Elementor has already many Wordpress widgets including Tag Cloud and Product Tag Cloud.