Possible new Jupiter X user could use some advice please.



I am planning to build a website to show off a large collection of video gaming memorabilia, I don’t know exactly how many items I have but I would think it’s well over 1000.

Each item will have it’s own page with some pictures of it and a description, there will also have to be some categories.

My main concern is with the SEARCH function. It’s important that the site can be searched easily, for instance if someone searches for ‘Poster’ it finds all the posters across all the categories and shows the results nicely.

I had hoped that I could add my own tags/keywords to each item that would be invisible to the user and would be specifically for searching. Having searched online I’m now not so sure it will be possible?

If it’s not possible to do this in Jupiter X can I do it with tools available in Wordpress?

Something else I don’t quite understand is how I will add each item to the website, would I be able to use ‘Posts’ or will I create a new page for each item?

An easy way to describe the sort of look I am going to try and create is that it will be like an online shop… but without the facility to Buy, just pictures and a description needed.

Perhaps I can use an online shop and disable the buying facility, might be an easy way of getting the look and feel that I want, especially as there are going to be a lot of items in a few different categories.

I really like the look of Jupiter X but need to make sure it will do what I want it to do before I buy.

Thank you in advance for any help!