PHP error message when trying to install core plugin


I’ve done a WP reset on my wordpress site and installed Jupiter X onto my wordpress site but when i go to install Core plugin, i get “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” and my error logs show "PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in D:\htdocs\\wp-content\themes\jupiterx\lib\admin\tgmpa\class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 2040 "

Any idea?



Same here, I did not done WP reset… This error just showed up today (at least I noticed it today)
Does anyone have any info about this issue?


I’ve done a fresh install of the theme, just brought today and its still doing it. Tested it on one of my development sites and its doing it on there as well.

Theme not working even after installation

The error is in the Plugin Update System function ‘tgmpa’

 * Helper function to register a collection of required plugins.

Its an error which needs to be patched in the next update
My problem is when trying to access to wp-admin, the error shows and cant login
The way around is to rename the jupiterx folder in themes (which is going to break the site) and then login and rename the folder again.

Hopefully the Artbees staff is working on this subjet.

Any further info is much apreciated.


My clues (hope this can help)

  • warning is on helper function function tgmpa( $plugins, $config = array() ) {
  • line 2040 is foreach ( $plugins as $plugin ) { most likely there is something wrong with $plugins array - I found this function is called from /themes/jupiterx/lib/admin/tgmpa/functions.php on line 132: tgmpa( $plugins, $config );
  • somewhere above line 132 I can see that $plugins should be array created from $response which is retrived from (line 89)

Is there any chance that something is happening while getting list from artbees api?
Maybe api is blocking access? or returning empty response… only for some wp instances or for some IPs or some arthbees api keys?

I can’t access this admin menus aslo (I think this is related to this warning):

  • JupiterX - Control Panel - > Updates -> Manage Plugins
  • Appearance - > Install plugins (“install plugins” submenu item is missing)


** Info: Warning is gone…

There was no update or any modifications - I just checked and it’s gone…

I guess it was something with artbees api.


Well i dont know if this is also causing the issue when it comes to installing templates. It just stalls on installing plugins.

Only used Jupiter before, never JupiterX.