Photo gallery not loading on first click



I have the Jupiter them on my website at:

When you scroll down on the home page, you’ll see 4 galleries under the title ‘Featured Weddings’. None of these galleries load on the first click. It shows the loading icon (rotating circle), but it never loads. The gallery loads only after a second click. This issue has been around ever since I started with Jupiter over 2 years ago. Such a basic and glaring issue, discussed in so many forums, but never addressed by the developer.

Does anyone have a solution to this? Urgent help required.



You can try my JS to see any difference (add to Theme Options > Advanced > Custom JS) :

(function($) {
function removeNullRef()
  var $album = $(this); var images = $album.attr('data-photoalbum-images');
  images = images.replace('null,', '').replace('null', ''); // filter out nulls from string
  $album.attr('data-photoalbum-images', images); // put it back

Thank you.
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