Photo Gallery 'Loading' after one click and opening after another mouse click. Why?


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Just added a photo album to my page, but…
Full screen images, gallery open after double mouse click only.
When you click the first time, loading bar (circle) appears and it’s loading till infinity, but straight after second click gallery opens. How to fix that? So the gallery would open straight after one click.

Here’s the page:

Thank you.


I’ve got the same problem. I think the problem is related to sorting photographs inside a photoalbum.

In this photo album you can experience the problem because the photographs inside it have been sorted and then the photo album updated:

In this photo album you can’t experience the problem as there has been no sorting of photos inside the photoalbum:

This is a bug and can only be fixed by the developers.

I hope they fix it soon.


Welcome to the party Jorge :slight_smile:

I had to remove the image gallery section as it really looks unprofessional.

Have checked your galleries as well.

Spoted the same strange thing as I had in mine:
First link you shared (sorted gallery) which opens after the second click has some ghost photo in it which will never load I believe, when the second gallery doesn’t have it and opens perfectly.

Here’s the screenshot:


Thanks for the welcome Remigijus. I hope I can leave the party soon… :joy:

That little grey outlined square only appears when I use Chrome as a browser. When using Safari I just get no image (like you can see in my screenshot)

But the photo album doesn’t open automatically in any browser I use.

Please somebody from the developer team, tell us if you’ve already registered this bug and are working on fixing it…


I have this same problem in my photo gallery too. It has been that way ever since I installed Jupiter 5 theme in Feb this year. The gallery never opens with the first click, it just keeps showing the rotating ball. But the gallery opens instantly on the second click. (I primarily use Safari, but have experienced this issue on Chrome too).

You can view this on my website at by scrolling down to the section which says ‘Featured Weddings’ and clicking on any album.

I am glad someone has brought this up, and I am surprised this is a bug in a theme as popular as Jupiter, which has very limited ways of show casing a photo gallery.

Any quick solution to this will be helpful.


Same issue here for me. One click to activate the loading circle, one click to actually open the full screen gallery. I’m also seeing the image ghosting @Remigijus_Klimovas. Strange!



Fixed it per @Jorge_MartinFernandez’s suggestion. Sorting the gallery seems to insert a broken shortcode that causes the system to catch in an infinite loading loop.

So solution for now. Don’t sort! :sunglasses:


In both the links shared by @Jorge_MartinFernandez , the problem exists, which means that sorting is not the solution. Also, I am not sure what you mean by ‘sorting’? Can you pls explain?

If you mean, re-arranging of the images, well, I have already done that, so I dont think its possible to un-sort them now.

Any solutions to this please?


The developer of this theme is a joke, don’t hold your breath on it ever getting fixed.


Unfortunately if you’ve rearranged them, you’re stuck as far as I can tell. I had to recreate the gallery. Hopefully that shouldn’t be too much work!


I got the same issue will all my albums. I tried to have not sorting order rather than date. This did not work for me. I might open a ticket if I dont see a solution in this thread over the next week.


Same problem here - must say quite disappointed in this theme so far.
Also - cannot get the Photo Album to show the description of the photo (Sometimes referred to as caption or title which is another problem as one cannot be sure where to add the picture caption)


I agree with you Lawrence, this theme developer is a joke. I’ve installed 5.2 hoping this issue would be fixed and it still persists. Now I’m also having problems with Google Advanced Maps…


@Jorge_MartinFernandez have you opened a ticket at artbees support about this problem? They dont read forums very often and even if some of them do, the bug report might not find its way to the developers. Basically Artbees have forums so that community members could chat to each other.


I’ve reported this issue many times through tickets but they never fixed the issue. I’ve been waiting for this issue to be fixed since around 4 months.


and now my support is over but I’ not planning on spending $ 40 for this incredibly old issue to be fixed…


seven goddamn months!


Ahhh, thats a big problem then …
Never seen it on my sites so cant help much.


This has been fixed in the latest release I believe.
However, I am running an older version and updating the theme won’t really be possible for me.
Can someone suggest what JS to write/alter to make the gallery work with a single click instead of the double click?



Here is the fix!
Add this to your custom.js or whatever file method you are using to run custom js.
Replace .row–photo-testimonials with whatever class or ID that you may be using.

jQuery(function($) {
setTimeout(function() {
     $(".row--photo-testimonials figure a").click()
}, 2000);