Performance Optimization - Disable scripts, modules?



Here is everything that Jupiter X is loading on my current site.

I want help with the following:

  1. Which file(s) are being use to call these assets or in other words where are these enquequed?

  2. If I am not using the Header Builder at all, where can I turn that feature off from? The main thing is that I don’t want any extra HTTPS calls + page weight to my frontend.

  3. Which of these files can be prevented from loading without breaking the website?

My focus is to use strictly only that what I need and remove the rest. I want to push Jupiter X to its limits.
Thanks. :slight_smile:


As far as know there’s no option in JX to turn off these components. You may want to try
I’m using it myself and it seems to do the trick in most cases.


Like Nick said, asset clean up. But maybe also look for a good js & css combiner and minify?
This will also result in a much faster load time!


Thanks Nick.

I’ll give it a go.
Would you know where are those files being enqueued?


Thanks Bram.

I have licenses for both WP Rocket and Swift Performance.
On one of my websites which is even running WooCommerce we are able to get decent scores and load times including under 200ms TTFB using WP Rocket and proper hosting. Here is the result -

But that can be improved a lot more if I could cull away all of the bloat and unused code being loaded onto the front-end.

I want to achieve loading times of under 1s.


Ah oke. What you could do is make a child theme (if you don’t have it already) and deregister stylesheets/javascripts…

But are you sure you use jupiterX? Because i don’t recognize some styles?


Thanks Bram.

We are using Jupiter and not Jupiter X.


I use Hummingbird Pro on all my websites and with the asset optimization feature you can optimize the loading of files.

You can use the basic mode active by default to have some quick and easy improvements or you can go a step further and activate expert mode, which takes some time, trial & error and fine-tuning to find the optimal settings for each site (depending on the specific set of plugins installed), but it can boost the loading times once you found the right balance.

It also comes with lots of other tools: page and browser caching, performance tests, etc., so you get additional useful tools to further enhance your site loading times.