Page section background image crops severely on mobile


My SEO agency website uses Jupiter 6.1.3 and has a page section with a background image of pixel resolution 1278 x 502. There are two heads in the middle two quarters of the image.

The page section is configured to “1/2 Layout (Background Image on Right and Content on Left)” and the image looks just fine on desktop computers. However, on mobile, the image is severely cropped and only half of each of the faces are shown.

This is unacceptable. I would like the image to display on mobile either uncropped at full-width, or only cropped such that at least the middle two quarters are shown, allowing the two heads to fit in perfectly.

How do I achieve this? I prefer not to use a portrait-sized version of the image.

Your help and support are most appreciated. Thank you!



Please share the page URL so we can check the issue.

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Your image is too wide as for mobile. You need upload Portrait Image in the Page Section settings with aspect ratio 2:3. It will be shown on mobiles.

Please try it.
Thank you.


Hello Tatyana,

I did as you described and it worked. Thank you for your advice.

To me, it’s a bit of a shame that Jupiter only accepts portrait backgrounds as mobile-responsive ones, but it’s good to know.

I was expecting not to use the portrait photo feature at the beginning, as I honestly wished that Jupiter would be able to display landscape-oriented photos as landscape and mostly (if not fully) uncropped on mobile devices, because it wouldn’t occupy as much vertical space - maybe even allowing me the ability to choose how much of the image is cropped. Just throwing some feedback out there - I’d like something like that to be implemented in a future version of the theme.

Nonetheless, thanks for your help!


Mobile support for HORIZONTAL (or more flexible) display of page-section background images


You can add your request here .

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