Page Builder/Editing Issues


I’m using WordPress version 5.0.3 and I am having issues where it appears that my content is now above the page builder in the classical editor and the page builder is much lower on the page and is blank. I cannot seem to easily edit the pages using the page builder anymore.

At the top of my editing page it looks like this:

Then lower on the page is an empty Visual Composer.

However, the last time I was in the editor all of the page content was inside the page builder and was easy to edit. Please advise!


This is happening because of the incompatibility between WP 5 and WPbakery Page Builder.
Please checkout this article for solution


Thank you for the assistance!


You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Danish i was so so much confused and try to fix this but you are really awesome thank you so much


You’re welcome :slight_smile: