Organic Traffic Flatline After 5.9.3 Install


We experienced an absolute flatline in organic traffic after updating to 5.9.3. After a site crawl we identified a great deal of looped based 404 pages arose. Around 40,000. We did determine this was related to some text widgets in the footer that had links. We modified this and it greatly reduced the endless looping and brought our 404s down dramatically.

However, after submitting to google search console again the organic traffic is just flat lining. Are there improvements or changes to the theme configuration that can amend this scenario? Updating theme on June 9, 2017 is directly related to drop in organic traffic in the last week. (screenshot)

Next step is to continue to improve on a few optimization issues. But they certainly existed before and we didn’t experience this.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance community members!


I think the theme should go along with whatever you are offering. For organic results, you can work on the content part for your site SEO. Afterwards, you can try digital advertising (I would recommend facebook ads management services) to get the site across to the target audience. Your target audience will get what you’re trying, if it’s in the right direction.


you are doing well on thing i notice where were you lacking it is content and content is the major thing to rank good SERP so just make a good content for further help you can visit this website you can ask them and surely they will help you with out any cost.