Open images in lightbox?


Hey guys!

Is there a simple solution for opening all clickable images in lightbox/prettyphoto by default?
Example: A page, text block within, image next to text. If it’s clicked - it opens image file in a new windows.
Any way to change that behavior?
I don’t want to work with shortcodes in text, it’s very cumbersome. And shortcode inserter in Jupiter sucks (just inserts default shortcode, not even a builder)



Unfortunately there is no such easy solution.

I have added your request to the feature requests and our developers will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests or they see it fit.


can you show an example?


Example of what?
Create a new Page, add an image (not image shortcode, but through Add Multimedia) and see it open the file in a new window instead of a lightbox.

But here you go, just your private demo of a test PAGE:
Click on the image, it opens in new window. Normally I’d want it to open in lightbox/prettyphoto, but this seems not to be possible. And here’s a test POST with the same behavior:

Fresh install WP 4.4 install, Jupiter 5.0.4, all server requirements met.
Fresh default demo install (by the way, you can see how @*#^ed up it looks, especially the imported menus and MegaMenu in Elements not working properly).


Thank you for providing such complete example.


Any updates in this?


Sorry for delay on your post,

Normally adding mk-lightbox class to the link of that image will open it in a lightbox, other than that nothing comes to my mind to help you.

I see everything seems correctly, even the mega menu and others. Would you talk to us in help desk for your issues so we make sure you get responses in a reasonable time frame.



That did the trick, Bob, thanx!
But the strange, yet funny thing is: after opening the image in lightbox and closing it - the image disappears from the page entirely until next reload.
Any idea what’s the deal there?


@Bob_Ulusoy ? Images disappear. Please help :laughing:


I have the same issue.

If I add “mk-lightbox” to image CSS Class and then click on it, it will be shown in a lightbox and then it will dissappear from the post when I close the light box


There are no updates about this topic? It would be nice in posts that all images are displayed in the lightbox and not just the cover image.


This feature request has been asked many times and it will be considered in the future.



Why is this so hard to add to such an awesome theme? There really should be a checkbox that can be ticked in the theme settings. If a stand alone plugin can do it, then you should easily be able to as well.