NOOB here-Where is the JupiterX Child theme?


Hello, I’m installing Jupiter X and it suggests I install the Jupiter X child theme as well. I cannot find the Jupiter X child zip anywhere in my Jupiter X “All Files and Doc” folder. Please direct me with as little expletives as possible. Thank You.

Also the recommendation of installing the Jupiter X child theme was advised if I “plan on customizing and editing the theme files”. Does this mean editing the code and such?
If it does, please let me know, because in that case I should have little need for the child theme, because a noob like myself does not plan on editing the code. Thank You.


If you download the whole bundle from ThemeForest, you will see the files for Jupiter 6 and Jupiter X parent theme as well as the child theme.

You will have to extract the bundle till you find Jupiter X folder and inside that folder, you will find the child theme as well as the main parent theme.

Yes, the child theme is used in case, you need to modify the core parent theme files.