Newly added menu will turn into Mega Menu when placed as a sub-menu


Dear Artbees Team,

First of all, thanks a lot for your effort and amazing support.

The following bug has been observed recently:
When you add a new menu item to your Main Page menu, if the item is placed as a sub-menu, it will automatically change into a Mega Menu and there is no way to change it back. This prevents the item from being shown correctly.
Ken version: 4.1
WP version: 4.9.7
No plugin has been changed since the observance of the problem.
It is observable in dashboard, so it’s not really browser dependent, however, it was tried on Google Chrome and Firefox.

I would greatly appreciate if you take a look into this, as it renders us unable to make any changes to our home page menu at the moment.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and best,