New to Jup-X, Struggling with something very basic - changing bg image


Heard good things. We needed to migrate our website. I’m doing that. Just installed Jupiter-X and the custom template Adrastea yesterday. I’ve been diving in to learn Elementor and Jupiter-X and other things since then. I’ve learned a lot, but so far I cannot figure out how to do something which should be very basic: How to change the background image of the girl at the top of the homepage. Here’s the staging server URL to view…

How do I change that bg image? Where do I access it? What am I missing?

Thank you!


It’s most probably added to the section.
Please edit the page with Elementor and edit the top section. Then, look for the background image in the Style tab.


when you say “edit the top section” in Elementor… where is the “top section?”

After I open in Elementor, nothing happens if I try to click anywhere on the bg image of the woman.

Nothing happens if I try to click anywhere in the header (with the black background) at the very top.

The only place it allows me to click is in the dotted border area right in the middle of the bg image, which allows me to add content above the bg image, but not change the image.

Please see screenshot here.

So… where do you want me to click?


Selecting a section in ELementor is not as easy as it should be unfortunately. Use Section navigator and then select the section which holds the background. You will see section properties opened up on the left and bg image settings should be on Styles tab.

To open navigator right click anywhere in the page and choose “Navigator”.