My purchase code is stolen!


I just logged in again in my Artbees account and suddenly I’ve got ‘no registered products’!? I’ve had this Jupiter theme for nearly a year and suddenly I can’t log in… When I try to register the code (found in Envato market in my account) it says it is already registered by some unknown mail address!? “g****n@a*****

I literally have no idea what to do! My previously open tickets I can’t see cause ‘I have no registered products’ and I cannot do anything now! How can I get my purchase key back? And how is it possible that I’ve been using this account for 10+ months and now suddenly my key is revoked and taken by someone else!? As I said before, it’s literally copied from the text file I have in my Envato market account! Please help me solve this within 2 days because I’m in a situation where time is off the essence (launch of my startup)!



I would recommend you to send an e-mail at Artbees Support. For example