Multilanguage site issue


Hi there,
I’m having lots of issues with my multilanguage website. The website works fine since I had only 2 language (IT and EN), while when I complete the GE translation with polylang, the site goes down.
Actually I have no access to the site, the only way to use it is to make inactive the JupiterX core plugin (only the admin works) or making inactive the polylang plugin. BTW i ask my hoster to improve memory_limit to 512.
Have you got any idea on how to solve? I’ve not installed any new plugin that caused website issue. I already try to Cleanup the theme without any result.
Using Query Monitor, i need 85 seconds to load admin page.


Hi. the same thing(((. Big issues with Jupither core + polylang + elementor
But one good developer solve this problem for me


May you share your solution please? I don’t want to have a website that need 90 or more seconds to load a page. In this case I will delete this theme asap.


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this guy from solve me this for small price )
you can ask him