More Modern Mobile Menu



Current Jups mobile menu is so dated and not as useful as more modern sites. Having a full screen or side dashboard option for mobile like they do desktop would be a huge improvement. Especially since you can use the widget areas to add in social icons and call to action buttons etc.

Full screen menu

I agree a new mobile menu is needed. The current one let’s down this otherwise great theme.


Thank you for the feature request. We will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests or if our developers see it fit.



You need to do more than consider it. Jupiter’s lack of mobile menu features is a tremendous burden compared to other themes like Enfold, which offer a variety of great looking options.


Definatly agree. The mobile menu let’s this theme down.


Agree - I would like a nicer mobile menu also


I would love to see this, too. It would also be nice to be able to add buttons and other features to the mobile menu.


Just adding my voice here. I’ve purchased 15+ licenses to Jupiter over the years, and currently have switched to another theme for all new sites because the mobile menu is too out of date for clients.


Is there a workaround to use the secondary full screen menu on mobile?