Modal Pop up (lightbox)



Feature request:

  • modal pop up (lightbox) for a button (for example to display a vimeo video)
  • modal pop up (lightbox) for an image (or moving image) to open a video (currently does not work when i try to paste a vimeo video) - for example, in your own theme you have a non-working play button here:

it’s a super basic functionality, but very important. i have it on my other themes (for example, I also own Salient which has this built in).

please let me know when you add this. thanks.


@artbees is there any update on this?


Thank you for your featured request.

Until our developers decide how to implement such feature please use 3rd party plugin for this.

You can follow the link below for similar solution:


A modal popup box would be really useful for buttons too. For example, to click on a button for ‘learn more’ and not have to leave the page, the lightbox would just show the additional info right there and greying out the background. Then click on big ‘x’ and box closes, and we still stay on the same page. Another example, would be to optin for email newsletter. Click a button for ‘next’ and llightbox opens mailchimp or aweber option form fields with ‘submit’ button. This would be just pasting in the newsletter raw html or js code.


+1 for a modal popup for links and buttons. Very useful for any theme


+1 for this option to add to a button.


+1 for this, I’ve been writing little custom modals with jQuery, it would be nice to have the theme handle this via a Page Builder / Visual Composer element…