Mobile navigation in the right corner


I would like to have my mobile navigation in the right corner.
is there a CSS I can add.
I cannot seem to find a another way to make it work.

thankk you


Hi Zillachtolarin ,

looks like the mobile navigation is in the right corner ? - or do you mean it should be more closer in the right corner ?

rgds Dieter
ps: greetings from Austria :slight_smile:


HI again, just for interest I had a short look and (as you use elementor and probably JX) propose the following (before going for extra css):
Open the header in elementor editor and switch to mobile view.
Select the respective navigation and check the orientation, padding and margin.

looks like that the current setting are bottom / right oriented because there is a bottom and right offset defined. - you can try to adjust the bottom value to higher value. -> select navigation and set bottom margin e.g. to 35px.

Attention: only in mobile view and/or you specify this setting only for mobile view.

kind regards,